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Our Partners

Solace Risk Management enjoys long term close relationships with very talented insurance legal professionals.

In many instances, the legal professionals have between 27 to 30 years of experience in providing a wide variety of legal services for private and public businesses.  SRMCS has a true “partnership” in that we share expertise and advice on such complex issues as risk policy language, subrogation, employment practices, worker compensation, liability issues, prevailing law, and a host of other insurance and risk issues that impact the ability to control expenses.

With our easy access to legal opinion, SRMCS is able to add value to our customers in broad form which allows our customers to place their focus on their core business while having peace of mind.

Solace also enjoys relationships with a wide variety of other professional service providers in the financial, medical, and insurance arenas. All of our relationships are geared toward providing resources for our customers, and focused on helping the customer meet the needs of their daily operations. 

SRMCS is a licensed Property and Casualty, Accident and Health Company 


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