Solace Risk Management Consulting Service 
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Oversight and administration of entire program, reporting to governing Board, managing vendor relationships, such as auditors, actuaries, TPA's and investment managers.

Claims adjudication and management services, coverage analysis, litigation management, reserve analysis, subrogation, legal defense strategies, claims adjustment services, and multiline claim file audits.

Solace Risk  Management
Consultant Services
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SRMCS uses a multi-disciplinary approach to help our clients understand the nature and dimensions of their risks, and then to identify viable risk management alternatives and risk financing options.

Working closely with our clients, we apply constructive creativity to design and implement optimal yet workable solutions to risk-related problems of all kinds in the best interests of our clients.

An array of client-specific risk management services, including training programs, roadside audits/safety inspections, compliance recommendations, training development and maintenance of safety committees, creation of risk management strategies, Certificate of Insurance/Contract/Bid Specifications review.


Whether insurance or any other private/public business sector, negotiating to get the best and most practical return on your lien is always the priority of SRMC. We partner and communicate with you along the way so that you are comfortable with your return before it is received.

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